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  • Looking for skilled tech staff?
  • Struggling to find relevant candidates?
  • Considering to outsource whole projects?

What We Do

We are distributed team of experienced IT professionals. We supply services through dedicated contractors working for our clients and deliver turnkey solutions based on client's assignment. We are actively enlarging our team according to customer needs.

We equalize between job demand and offer worldwide by providing remote work to skilled professionals from all over the world, helping companies to find manpower they cannot source locally and thus save their resources.

What we are capable of? In short: complete software / web application / mobile development.

  • Project analysis and management.
  • Design, UI, UX.
  • Software / Web / Mobile App Development. Back-end, front-end.

How We Work

We work remotely: Our team consists of remote developers. We save our time, lower the costs and reduce the environmental harm. Our engineers do not spend their time commuting, but doing the work.

Ways of cooperation:

Employee Leasing
  • We will offer you a skilled IT pro according to your requirements.
  • The contractor works as a member of your team - according to your company's standards and practices.
  • His work is supervised by your tech lead / PM...
  • ...or we integrate our manager into your team. We will then provide communication and lead for the remote developers.
Turnkey Projects
  • In case of larger projects we are open to deliver complete turnkey solution.
  • The project work will be headed by our manager and our developers will do the engineering.
  • Open, clear communication and support for the time the project is being delivered.

We speak English (but not exclusively): Being members of a distributed team, all our developers communicate in English. All documentation we provide to our customers is also in English by default, but translation to other languages is possible.

We can find new team members for you: Is your company seeking new developers? We will analyze your requirements and search for suitable candidates. Our customer has final word in decision which candidate to choose. Selected developers are then integrated into the team and deliver their services to your company.

We work transparently: You pay only for real work delivered. All work of our developers is documented.

Why We Do It

{Our Values}

In first place, we work to earn for living. But there are a few particular reasons, why we are doing it exactly the way we do it. Here they come:


Free people are more creative, they can handle the stress easier and come up with better ideas. No one dictates a dress code to our suppliers. They are allowed to speak up their opinions. We build a team of people who consciously selected their job and way of work. Each of us is responsible for his / her performance, also for the communication with stakeholders. There is no chance to hide behind corporate timesheets. We discuss problems firmly and openly.


We cooperate with people who are fond of their work. Our developers are continuously studying. We have never chosen our colleagues according to the expected salary, but on the basis of their skills. Thanks to this, we deliver quality work.


Distributed team saves time and money. We do not spend our time in traffic. We are not surrounded by coworkers inviting for a cup of coffee. We devote our time to work - fully and effectively.

About Us

The lack of experienced professionals in Slovakia, EU and West in general, was the main impulse. We decided to widen our recruitment to "the whole world" and to bring work to skilled people, no matter the physical distance. We had to overcome several challenges (search, assessment, communication).

But we did.

Thanks to this, we can now connect work demand with supply disregarding the distance. We provide the work to professionals all over the world, helping companies to find manpower they cannot source locally.

We started {tec}hire, because we want to work effectively and to turn the efficiency into a competitive advantage for our customers.

Martin Urbančík, director